Friday, October 19, 2012

USB Virus Scan 2.4 Build 0827

USB Virus Scan 2.4 Build 0827 | 3.9 Mb

USB Virus Scan provides fully USB security solutions , it not only allows you to gain full control of every usb port, but also provides 100% protection against any malicious programs trying to attack via USB storage. All data in your computer and usb drives will get fully protection provided by USB Virus Scan.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to Hack Your School Network

So, a lot of people here should want to hack his school's network.It can be really easy, and it can be quite difficult if your scholl have actives network administrators.

Anyway, you can do it following my tutorial, there are a lot of possibilities but I will explain the most efficients methods here...

So, Let's started !

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Photoshop Top Secret (5 DVDs) Complete Collection

Photoshop Top Secret Completed 5 DVDs
English | ISO | Flv | 969x548 | 15fps | 16:9 | Mp3 192kbps 44100hz | 18.83Gb

Just released by Mark Monciardini, Photoshop? Top Secret? is an Extreme Photoshop Training Course that teaches you, step by step, how to create cutting-edge graphics and special effects with Adobe? Photoshop?

This student-friendly home study course includes four DVD-ROMs with over 16 gigabytes of video tutorials and project files. It also comes with a full-color gallery book (printed, not pdf) that shows the end result of each project in the course. You can look, learn, practice, and master these advanced techniques wherever you may be, without the need for expensive classes or tutors.

Staying Anonymous on the Internet for Beginners

Starting with the basics

A "VPN" is a virtual private network, A VPN supplies connectivity over long physical distances.

Also you will need to under stand the difference between a Free and a Paid VPN.

Any free VPN usually keeps logs doesn't give you much choice of where you want the VPN connection to orginate from. Free VPN's don't support Portforwarding usually and you don't have a unlimited bandwidth allowance.

Any Paid VPN on the other hand; are encrypted with 128bit,256bit,1024bit or 2048bit encryption which make's anyone who wants to find you's job very difficult. Many Paid VPN's support portforwarding so this can be useful if you wanna stay anonymous during "Ratting" for example. Their are usually high amount of bandwidth allowance so you can download faster than your server provider allows you. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hacking ADSL Routers for free Accounts

Most of the people never change their default passwords no matter what it is, they don't change them because they think that they are safe. In this tutorial I'll show you one of the ways how to use this mistake and get free ADSL/Wireless (If wireless router is used) accounts and enjoy in unlimited downloads.

First we will download the necessary tools:

1.) XPass
3.) If you don't have Java installed, download and install it here: JAVA

You will also need to have version 8 OR older of Internet Explorer.

Ok so let's start with getting the job done:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NetDog Porn Filter v3.9

The Most Easy-to-Use Porn Filter: You don’t have to do anything after you install NetDog Porn Filter. NetDog Porn Filter uses special technology to fully integrate itself into windows operation system, so you won’t find any NetDog process running on your computer. But NetDog will block all pornographic material automatically. NetDog Porn Filter not only works with different browsers like Internet Explorer,Firefox but also it works with other Internet program (e.g. MSN). After installing NetDog Porn Filter, you just visit “” and other porn sites to test. If you are not able to visit them, that shows your NetDog Porn Filter is working now. If you want to change filtering settings, you can always use NetDogAdmin to do it.