Thursday, October 11, 2012

Staying Anonymous on the Internet for Beginners

Starting with the basics

A "VPN" is a virtual private network, A VPN supplies connectivity over long physical distances.

Also you will need to under stand the difference between a Free and a Paid VPN.

Any free VPN usually keeps logs doesn't give you much choice of where you want the VPN connection to orginate from. Free VPN's don't support Portforwarding usually and you don't have a unlimited bandwidth allowance.

Any Paid VPN on the other hand; are encrypted with 128bit,256bit,1024bit or 2048bit encryption which make's anyone who wants to find you's job very difficult. Many Paid VPN's support portforwarding so this can be useful if you wanna stay anonymous during "Ratting" for example. Their are usually high amount of bandwidth allowance so you can download faster than your server provider allows you. 

Also anything that is blocked by your ISP can be unblocked when using a free or paid VPN or Proxy 
Now that image should basically explain the way a VPN functions 

Now moving onto why staying anonymous is important

In the 21st century Websites are constantly monitoring your habits; take Google for example they log every website you go into and have access to all the mail you have stored in the gmail account. Say you have been getting all your email's that are for your eyes only they will be uploaded to a server where they are stored and can be accessed by anyone if you don't stay on the right side of the law. 

Do you really want this?

Now with any person we have a profile built up with us and all this data is compiled from what we do our habits and we are handing them when we agree to that oh so ignored Privacy Policy.

Their are not only VPN's for staying anonymous their are other methods which are 

Web Proxies

Now a web proxy in my experience "is a website you visit, then once you activate the proxy, it will make you look like you are visiting ( when you are really visiting something XXX"

Their are many free proxy programs available for your computer and example is "Tor"

Moving on to staying anonymous while at home

First of all before i go into this i just got to say; 

it is very difficult to do this. 

What i mean by that is when your using a VPN, Proxies, Sockets, Ect it makes you very difficult to trace but not impossible so i would not suggest doing anything that will be noticed quickly from home 

Now what i am NOT saying is:

-You can't RAT from home
-You can't do minor stuff like that

But what i'm TRYING to say is:

Don't try and hack any website from your own WiFi trust me it will end in you not trying to drop the soap 

If you are going to do something your not exactly suppose to from home i suggest you use a VPN to make sure someone doesn't DOX you and find out about you.. 

I wanted to make this thread unique so i decided to switch it up by mixing the way it was written 

This is my first proper thread so please tell me if you spot any errors and if you like this thread leave me a comment 

This tutorial credit goes to "iHatefilters"

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