Monday, March 24, 2008

Fashion Solitaire 12

Uncommon mixture of the simulator of modeller and patience.Each map is capable of changing model in some plan - hair-do, clothing, accessories etcetera. You should make fashionable details for several models simultaneously with the aid of the existing maps. Create new original details, advance your work on the demonstration to photographers and conquer world glory!In the game of 48 levels, 8 styles and more than 500 elements of clothing, the studied design also of 3d- graph.From Lifetime Games And Large Animal Games (Saint & Sinner's Bingo, Snapshot Adventures, Lego Bricktopia), it's a fashion-themed game with a new twist. Inspired by high fashion and the rules of Solitaire, this is a fashion themed game different from the many others recently released.Fashion Solitaire Is An Exciting New Twist On The Classic Solitaire Genre. Use your style skills to make hot outfits, earn cash and perform in fashion shows. Then design your own clothing and use it in the game to create unique outfits and earn bonus cash!

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