Thursday, April 10, 2008

GMAX 3D Studio Max Tutorial Videos

Info: To view the videos, mount the ISO using Daemon Tools or a similar program. The ISO file does not autoplay, hence you will have to manually navigate to the videos. 'Exercise Files' are included for each chapter (i.e. Chapter 01 - Editable Poly Modeling, Chapter 02 - Using the Unwrap UVW Modifier, Chapter 03 - Material Improvements, Chapter 04 - Hair, Chapter 05 - Cloth, Chapter 06 - Biped, Chapter 07 - Character Animation with Bones, Chapter 08 - Animation Controllers, Chapter 09 - Skinning, Chapter 10 - Rendering & Chapter 11 - Project Management). Note: The Video files use a codec called 'TSCC' codec will always play in the Camtasia Player ... AVI file extension (e.g. "Video Clip" or "Movie Clip (AVI)").

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