Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Scientific American Dinosaurs and Other Monsters

From a purely self-interested standpoint, it's good that the dinosaurs and their ancient ilk are dead. Yet they live on in our imaginations and our intellectual pursuits, where they retain the power to puzzle, fascinate and startle us. How did they hunt (and what hunted them)? Were they orphans from birth, surviving on instinct and appetite alone, or did parents nurture them? Over millennia, how did their species evolve? Studying the mineralized remains of prehistoric beasts from the comfortable distance of a few eons, scientists have learned a great deal about how these awesome creatures stalked and swam through the long-ago world. This special edition from Scientific American presents articles about some of the most exciting recent discoveries in the field of paleontology. We invite you to take an armchair safari into prehistory, to spend some quality time with the terrors of Earth's distant past.

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