Thursday, April 24, 2008

Secrets of a Super Hacker

Once more, Loompanics publishes something other houses wouldn't: a guide to violating computer security. Covering hacking scenarios ranging from the merely mischievous to the criminal, the super hacker known as the Knightmare gives step-by-step instructions in meaningful hacking from a personal computer. Fortunately, he also includes a section on state and federal computer laws, allowing potential hackers to be cognizant of the sanctions they risk with any particular project. Appendixes offer an array of technical explanations and tips for understanding database and system structures; tips cover password divination and searching strategies; and a glossary, besides explaining terms likely to be encountered in any particular documentation being hacked, enhances the hacker's ability to share experiences and tips. As science outstrips society's control of information, systems of secretkeeping proliferate maddeningly.

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