Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Web Services Security

Web Services are appearing and dominate as new application solutions. At the same time they present great challenges for security. This book describes a union of Web Services and information security. Several technologies are presented (i.e. XML Signature, XML Encryption, SAML...), and then related to Web Services so that the reader can get the whole picture. The book consists of five parts and each of them is dedicated to one topic. The first part is, as expected, entitled Introduction. The authors present web services, security, and some new challenges as well as new threats. As an introduction to Web Services Security they define web services as applications that can be described, published, located, and invoked over a network. Here you find an introduction to XML as a quite verbose language.Speaking about security, some building blocks of security are presented: confidentiality, authentication, authorization, integrity, non-repudiation, privacy, and availability.

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