Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Art of Bird Photography II

With more than 15,000 of his stunning photographs published in natural history books, magazines, and calendars all over the globe, Arthur Morris is widely recognized as the world's premier bird photographer. His imagesare noted for both their artistic design and their technical excellence. One chapter covers all aspects of Digital Photography and includes a section on understanding histograms. It also includes Artie's digital workflow along with tons of great Photoshop tips. Other chapters include "Equipment; What's New?," "Advanced Composition and Image Design," "It Ain't Just Birds," "Exposure and Flash Simplified," and "Advanced Sharpness Techniques & Creating Pleasing Blurs." The "Practicalities" chapter includes a detailed section on setting up your backyard for bird photography as well as sections on photographing on safari and on the tundra.

Download Link:
Rapidshare_Part_1 / Rapidshare_Part_2

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