Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In terms of Security which is the best Operating System?

  • Mac OSX. Currently, there are over 100,000 viruses for Windows. There are ZERO for Mac. This is not because of the 5% market share we have, as commonly thought by the uninformed. Instead, it is because of Mac OSX's strong architecture. The OS (Operating System) is built to withstand hackers and viruses. In addition, Apple just released a new idea, named "File Vault" This offers 128-bit encryption for all your files in the home folder. Now, you are asking, "what does this mean and why should I care? 128-bit is the standard that the CIA uses in their encryption of files. If someone were to try to decode it, it would take them over 1 TRILLION years to get your password. I think, therefore, that it is safe to say that no one will get your stuff.
  • All UNIX (ex: Solaris,Linux) based system are secured systems since they dont use registry system like windows and no .exe file can run on unix based system and most of the virus spread through .exe files only. Lever of security provided by unix based system is very high compared to all other.
  • Linux/Unix is defiantly secure, as long as the user is competent in it's use and modification. Most people will find that Mac OSX is more their speed. It doesn't require nearly as much know how or computer experience, and is pretty effective.
  • Any OS linux/2003/Mac OSX is only as good as it's admin. It's just a matter of whether u have the time and know how to manage it properly. Personally I'd go Linux.

  • If you have low skills with computers, Macs are better for you. Linux can be the most secure but is better for users who know what they're doing.

  • In terms of security, ill have to say mac is the best. no virus protectors needed. Howeever, id still choose windows because most programs work best with it.

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