Monday, June 9, 2008

Excel Charts

This book is intended for spreadsheet users who want to get the most out of Excel's charting and graphics features. I approached this project with one goal in mind: to write the ultimate Excel charting book that would appeal to users of all levels. This is not a book for beginning Excel users. If you have absolutely no experience with Excel, this may not be the best book for you. To get the most out of this book, you should have some background using Excel. To make the best use of this book, you need a copy of Microsoft Excel. When I wrote the current edition of the book, I was using Excel 2002 (which is part of Microsoft Office XP). Most of the material in this book also applies to all earlier versions of Excel that are still in use. Fact is, Microsoft has made very few significant changes to Excel's charting features over the years. Where applicable, I point out differences in previous versions.

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