Saturday, June 21, 2008

How to Be Invisible

It's hard to say how private investigators would react to books like J. J. Luna's How to Be Invisible while it makes their jobs a lot harder, most of them are paid by the hour. If you want to withdraw from the snooping eyes of the government, corporations, stalking ex-boyfriends, or practically anyone else, this practical, down-to-earth guide will help you and your family vanish. It's not a glamorous James Bond life Mr. Luna is inviting you to take part in; it's probably much like the life you're living right now. Spending much of the early part of the book frightening the reader with tales of stalkers and mistaken identities, the author successfully makes his case that a few adjustments to an individual's personal information flow can make a life-or-death difference. While getting his plan off the ground will take a bit of planning and effort (you have to move at least once to clear your trail), it is sustainable and worthwhile even for those who think they have nothing to hide.

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