Saturday, June 7, 2008 - Soundbooth CS4 Essential Training

The public beta of Soundbooth CS4 offers an opportunity to preview the upcoming version of this popular audio editing tool. In Soundbooth CS4 Beta New Features, Bruce Williams discusses some of the changes and improvements that make this release interesting. He explores the new multitrack environment in detail, including how to extract and import audio tracks from a video file, and how to use Snapshots to safely and easily experiment with different editing techniques and compare the results. Bruce also works with the new beat detection and display features, and discusses their value for creating loops. Exercise files accompany the course.

Download Link:
Rapidshare_Part_1 / Rapidshare_Part_2
Rapidshare_Part_3 / Rapidshare_Part_4


Depositfiles_Part_1 / Depositfiles_Part_2
Depositfiles_Part_3 / Depositfiles_Part_4

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