Saturday, June 14, 2008

What are Templates?

"Templates" can have different meanings, depending on the application of a "template". Normally, as far as computer usage goes, templates are considered as files (or "skeleton" documents) to help computer users to create a new file (or document) based on the information contained in the generic or skeleton file.

For example, if you use a word processor, you can create a letterhead for the company you work for, with only company information contained in it, and with no "body text". When this document is saved as a template, you can easily create a company letter, by using the letterhead template. When you create the new document, you can base the new document on the template, resulting in a document with a letterhead already completed, which will save you loads of time. Now you only have to fill in the text that applies to the specific document that you want to create.

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