Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why does Internet Explorer take more than 200MB of memory?

The term "Explorer" can be reference in several ways, as the Windows operating system uses three individual types. 1. Internet Explorer - The obvious web browser 2. Windows Explorer - For listing the contents of the hard drive 3. Explorer - the actual GUI (Graphical User Interface) which provides the graphics and "point & click" functionality while running Windows.

As 200mb seems an excessive amount for any program to be using, this very likely could be a result of a possible virus/spam or unnecessary programs running in the background.

Try this if you haven't yet done it.

There is a fantastic system utility, called Faber Toys. It's mainly developed for power users who want to know what programs are running in the background and the processes as well. It's very similar to clicking CTL-ALT-DEL on your system, but also informs you of what those programs are used for.

After determining which programs are not needed you can then prevent those from starting up automatically by unchecking them in MSCONFIG. MSCONFIG is a system configuration utility in Windows. 1. Go to (start), (run), (type msconfig), (start up tab). 2. Uncheck all programs that start from a fresh boot. 3. After making those changes you must restart Windows. 4. Check to see if the explorer.exe memory usage is the same. If it seems back to normal after that, go back and check the programs you want running at start up one by one to see which program is guilty.

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