Thursday, July 17, 2008

Home Networking: A Visual Do-It-Yourself Guide

It can be difficult for the non-technical home PC user to cut through all of the jargon and successfully create a safe, secure home network that delivers. In this friendly, inviting, and visual book, the reader will see that it's easy to decide on the right equipment, set up a home network, make it secure, and enhance their enjoyment with the right multimedia connections. This book will help the ordinary, home PC user understand what a network can do for them and in plain English, explain how to choose, install, and configure that network. The focus will be on easy to understand, step-by-step directions that show the reader how to do it without asking for help. The book will also cover emerging topics like setting up a media center, wireless Web cams, and connecting your game console wirelessly for online gaming fun. All topics will be presented in a visual manner with plenty of photographs, screen shots, and illustrations to show the reader exactly what to expect. In addition, all of the chapters will conclude with a "What Went Wrong: Your Quick Fix Reference" section, which explains what needs to be done to correct problems the reader might have encountered.

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