Thursday, August 28, 2008

Discovery Channel - The Most Evil Men and Women in History

Discovery Channel takes viewers deep into the minds of the world's most notorious, merciless and deadliest criminals with Most Evil. In this chilling new series, Columbia University's Dr. Michael Stone profiles his 'scale of evil' in order to rank and measure the evilness of some of the world's most renowned criminals, from psychotic cold-blooded killers to cult leaders. What drives seemingly normal men and women to such horrific acts? And is it possible to prevent people committing psychopathic acts? Through the use of scientific analysis, Stone profiles some of the most evil minds of all time and ranks each killer on his scale. Accompanied with rarely seen archive footage of courtrooms, exclusive interviews with convicted killers from behind prison bars and analysis from leading experts in psychology and neurology, each episode will probe the darkest corners of the human mind, providing clues as to what genetic, environmental and neurological factors may drive a person to kill and measures who is truly evil versus someone who commits evil acts.

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Francisco Pizarro

Idi Amin

Torquemada 1420-1498

Bloody Mary Tudor

Countess Bathory

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