Saturday, August 23, 2008 - Audition 3 Essential Training

Audition 3 Essential Training emphasizes audio theory and mixing, while explaining new features in Audition 3, MIDI, and ReWire functionality. Instructor Bruce Williams covers effects and forensic audio techniques, such as restoring sound gathered from vinyl and correcting poor audio, to mixing in surround sound. Home-recording enthusiasts, musicians, podcasters, radio production personnel, audio engineers, and anyone who wants to score his or her own home videos will find applicable in-depth tutorials in this package. Exercise files accompany the tutorial.

Download Link:
Rapidshare_Part_1 / Rapidshare_Part_2
Rapidshare_Part_3 / Rapidshare_Part_4
Rapidshare_Part_5 / Rapidshare_Part_6
Rapidshare_Part_7 / Rapidshare_Part_8
Rapidshare_Part_9 / Rapidshare_Part_10
Rapidshare_Part_11 / Rapidshare_Part_12
Rapidshare_Part_13 / Rapidshare_Part_14
Rapidshare_Part_15 / Rapidshare_Part_16
Rapidshare_Part_17 / Rapidshare_Part_18


Megaupload_Part_1 / Megaupload_Part_2
Megaupload_Part_3 / Megaupload_Part_4
Megaupload_Part_5 / Megaupload_Part_6
Megaupload_Part_7 / Megaupload_Part_8
Megaupload_Part_9 / Megaupload_Part_10
Megaupload_Part_11 / Megaupload_Part_12
Megaupload_Part_13 / Megaupload_Part_14
Megaupload_Part_15 / Megaupload_Part_16
Megaupload_Part_17 / Megaupload_Part_18
Megaupload_Part_19 / Megaupload_Part_20
Megaupload_Part_21 / Megaupload_Part_22
Megaupload_Part_23 / Megaupload_Part_24
Megaupload_Part_25 / Megaupload_Part_26
Megaupload_Part_27 / Megaupload_Part_28
Megaupload_Part_29 / Megaupload_Part_30

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