Sunday, August 17, 2008 - Publisher 2007 Essential Training

Covering everything from the basics of layout and design to integrating with external data sources for mail merges, Publisher 2007 Essential Training is an indispensable course for anyone who wants to publish materials in-house. Instructor David Rivers shows how to best plan, format, edit, and print a project with this powerful yet easy-to-use software application. He explains how to start a project from scratch, insert and edit pages, work with fonts and graphics, and print or distribute the finished project. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Download Link:
Rapidshare_Part_1 / Rapidshare_Part_2
Rapidshare_Part_3 / Rapidshare_Part_4
Rapidshare_Part_5 / Rapidshare_Part_6
Rapidshare_Part_7 / Rapidshare_Part_8
Rapidshare_Part_9 / Rapidshare_Part_10
Rapidshare_Part_11 / Rapidshare_Part_12
Rapidshare_Part_13 / Rapidshare_Part_14
Rapidshare_Part_15 / Rapidshare_Part_16
Rapidshare_Part_17 / Rapidshare_Part_18


Pointupload_Part_1 / Pointupload_Part_2
Pointupload_Part_3 / Pointupload_Part_4
Pointupload_Part_5 / Pointupload_Part_6
Pointupload_Part_7 / Pointupload_Part_8
Pointupload_Part_9 / Pointupload_Part_10
Pointupload_Part_11 / Pointupload_Part_12
Pointupload_Part_13 / Pointupload_Part_14
Pointupload_Part_15 / Pointupload_Part_16
/ Pointupload_Part_18

Note: Rapidshare Part 1 has been removed due to copy right violation therefor the link has been replaced with Pointupload.

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