Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How do you Connect a Laptop to a PC?

U can connect your laptop to a PC. But before that i would like to ask u if u have a network interface card (NIC) installed in ur PC. If u have a lan card installed than what u can do is, Right click on the "My Network Places Icon" and go to properties. There select TCP/IP right click on it and again go to properties. When the page opens select the radio button namely "Obtain ip address automatically." Repeat the similar steps on the "my network places" icon in your laptop also. After that connect your laptop with the pcby using a "cross Cable". If you don't have one u can buy it frm a computer shop. after connecting the two units refresh the laptop and the pc.It ll work.

There are another several ways to connect a laptop to a PC

1) If you have an Ethernet card installed on your laptop and on your PC you can directly connect them with a cross-over LAN cable (in case You don't have network hub). or a straight LAN cable (if you are using a network hub or network switch between the computers)

2) via infrared (laptop and PC must have infraed)

3) Direct cable connect from parallel port to parellal port (help available in windows).

4) Using a Null modem cable from one serial port to the other.

5) You can also connect modem to modem. but this method is bit difficult.

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