Monday, October 1, 2012

Trainsignal CompTIA Security and Training 2 DVDs (English)

Trainsignal CompTIA Security and Training 2 DVDs (English)
Audio: pcm_s16le, 22050 Hz, mono, 352 kb/s|AVI| Video: camtasia, bgr24, 800x600, 15.00 fps(r)| 2.67GB & 2.54GB

Security issues and concerns are an ever-changing aspect of IT. This latest Security+ course has been designed to meet the expectations of the new CompTIA exam, and to provide networking professionals with the fundamental concepts necessary to anticipate & address security risks.

More and more companies are requiring potential employees to be certified to ensure skill competency for positions such as, security architect, sys admin, information assurance tech, and more.

Highlights of the Course:

Network Security with Compliance
Operational Security
Threats and Vulnerabilities
Application, Data and Host Security
Access Control and Identity Management
Cryptography and Much More!
Break into the IT security field by learning everything you need to know to pass the SY0-301 exam.

Professional Training

-Nearly 12 Hours (11 Hours, 59 Minutes, 18 Seconds) of CompTIA Security+ Training Videos Jam Packed on 1 DVDs!
-Multiple File Formats Make it convenient for you to learn anywhere you go! iPod Video, Mp3 Audio, .WMV & high quality .AVI video
-PDF of Instructor Notes allow you to follow along with the videos and take more organized notes
-Instant Access Online to the entire training course

CompTIA Security+ Training Course Outline:
Lesson 1 Getting Started with CompTIA Security+ Training
Lesson 2 Introduction to IT Security
Lesson 3 Types of Attacks
Lesson 4 Malware Prevention and Cleanup
Lesson 5 Network Device Security
Lesson 6 Secure Network Administration
Lesson 7 Secure Network Design
Lesson 8 TCP/IP Protocols and Port Security
Lesson 9 Attacks on Wireless Networks
Lesson 10 Securing Wireless Networks
Lesson 11 Host Security
Lesson 12 Securing Applications
Lesson 13 Data Security
Lesson 14 Authentication, Authorization, and Access Control
Lesson 15 Physical and Environmental Security
Lesson 16 Authentication Services
Lesson 17 User Account Management
Lesson 18 Risk Management
Lesson 19 Threat and Vulnerability Assessment and Detection
Lesson 20 Risk Mitigation and Deterrence
Lesson 21 Log Monitoring and Reporting
Lesson 22 Business Continuity
Lesson 23 Disaster Recovery Planning
Lesson 24 Incident Response
Lesson 25 User Education
Lesson 26 Social Engineering
Lesson 27 Cryptography Concepts
Lesson 28 Cryptography Tools
Lesson 29 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Concepts
Lesson 30 PKI Implementation
Lesson 31 Preparing for Your CompTIA Security+ SY0-301 Certification Exam
Lesson 32 Next Steps

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