Monday, September 24, 2007

Shortcut to switching between Tabbed Window

Frequent browsers might have experienced in tabbed window browsing. These tabbed window was supported in Mozilla and in Internet Explorer version 7.0. Meanwhile it is not supported in the version 6 of Internet Explorer. Hope the tabbed window can be added to it by some add-ons. Switching between the tabbed window can be done through ‘CTRL+TAB’ key combination to proceed in clockwise direction and to proceed on the anti clockwise direction make use of ‘CTRL+SHIFT+TAB’ key. What you do when need to switch over to the third tabbed window from the first window?. I just stumbled over the Internet for such shortcut key and find atlast. You could achieve by using the combination of ‘CTRL+’ key. For example if you need to look of the sixth tabbed window, just press the key ‘CTRL+6′. Hope many of you might be aware of this. This is just to add upon for those who unaware of it.

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