Sunday, July 20, 2008

How to Direct Connect two Computers

1]. Connect the USB cable to the proper port on each computer. Click on "Start" in the lower left-hand corner of the desktop screen. Then choose "Control Panel," "Network and Internet Connections" and "Network Connections."

2]. When logged in as "administrator" or a user that is a member of the "administrators" group, full access to all of the devices that are installed and enabled on the computer will show up in a list when creating a new connection. If one is not logged in as an administrator or member of the administrators group, COM ports for direct connections will not be available. COM ports must be configured with a null modem for use with a direct connection, and this must be done by a user with administrative privileges. To configure a device to be used with a null modem, use the Phone and Modem icon found in Control Panel.

3]. Select "Create a new connection" on the left side of the menu. Click "Next."

4]. Choose "Set up an advanced connection." Click "Next" again.

5]. Pick "Connect directly to another computer." Click on "Next" a third time.

6]. Follow the instructions in the New Connection Wizard.

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