Monday, July 21, 2008

Is there a simple way to import files and programs from an old computer to a new one?

= One option is to remove the hard drive from the old machine and change the jumper setting (these are small pins on the back of the drive with a small clip that makes a connection between 2 pins- there are usually 3 basic settings marked \"M- for master, \"S\"- for slave & \"CS\"- for cable select) to either slave or cable select then install the drive on the second connector (closer to the middle of the cable)on the IDE cable (the flat multi-wire cable with rectalngular connectors) and transfer the files through windows explorer. If the new machine is a Win XP or Vista based machine then you can also use the \"Files and Settings Trasfer function.

= Get your self a flash USB. It is a small device and come is various amounts of memory space. A 128 MB or a 256 Mb can store more data than you can immagine and should help you transfering your data

= Yes, by configuring FTP on one and client FTP on other. Otherwise it can be possible through network device.

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